Revesby Pesticide Plant Remediation

Boral Developments was the owner of a site containing a former pesticide plant in Revesby, Sydney. Residential development was planned for the site therefore remediation was required. The plant had been decommissioned however stockpiles impacted with organochlorine pesticides and asbestos remained at the site. Drums of liquid and solid wastes also remained at the site awaiting disposal. Excavation and disposal of the impacted soil to a landfill was not possible due to the restrictions placed on organochlorine pesticides which are regulated wastes. Therefore an engineered containment cell was designed and constructed at the site for encapsulation of the impacted soil.

The project included three phases of work. The first phase was disposal of a stockpile of organochlorine pesticide and asbestos-impacted soil within the containment cell constructed. Secondly a contamination assessment was undertaken to evaluate the status of the remainder of the site, including groundwater investigations. Thirdly, the drums of wastes were sampled and analysed to evaluate the disposal options. The conclusion of the works included sign off of the site for residential development and transportation of the waste drums to Western Australia for disposal by incineration.

Overall result from our involvement

The environmental aspects of the project were successfully managed beginning to end without incident while the site was remediated.

Services provided

  • Environmental management during the excavation of 4,000m3 of soil to allow construction of the containment cell
  • Management and monitoring during the disposal of organochlorine pesticide and asbestos-impacted soil within the containment cell
  • Monitoring of groundwater, dust, air toxics, asbestos and odour and implementation of mitigation measures
  • Implementation of an exclusion zone via a decontamination unit through which site personnel were required to enter and exit the works area
  • Preparation of a contamination assessment report to evaluate the status of the site
  • Sampling and analysis of 16 drums of highly contaminated material as part of the program to evaluate disposal options






Revesby, NSW, Australia

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JBS Environmental

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