Sediment Treatment Trial

The Sediment Treatment Trial was a pioneering trial carried out by BHP Billiton to dredge and treat 1,000m3 of tar-impacted sediments from the Hunter River adjacent to the former BHP Steelworks site. The river had received decades worth of impact from the steelworks factory and the trial was necessary to identify appropriate options for remediation.

A number of chemical stabilisation regimes were applied to the sediment, including Portland cement, fly ash and dolomite. Following treatment, a number of characteristics were analysed including the leachability of stabilised contaminants, geotechnical properties and aesthetic qualities.

Overall result from our involvement

The environmental aspects of the project were successfully managed without incident during the entire operation of the trial.

Services provided

  • On-site environmental management for the duration of the trial
  • Identification of appropriate options for remediation
  • Monitoring of dust, surface water, sediment and odour
  • Application of chemical stabilisation regimes to the sediment, including Portland cement, fly ash and dolomite
  • Testing for treatment success including leachability, geotechnical properties and aesthetics


BHP Billiton




Newcastle NSW, Australia

Work delivered through

JBS Environmental

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