Water treatment plants

Parkes Shire Council NSW has undertaken to upgrade their water infrastructure including the construction of a new sewage treatment plant, water treatment plant, water recycling scheme and associated infrastructure. The associated infrastructure includes upgrades to the Lake Endeavor Dam, Lachland River Pump Station, and urban piping upgrades. The projects began in December 2013 and will continue through to June 2018. The projects total value is in excess of $100m.

Various environmental approvals have been required for the Parkes water projects including development of the Review of Environmental Factors and Environmental Protection Licences. Other requirements included coordination of technical studies, stakeholder consultation, independent peer reviews, public exhibitions, and Council endorsement.

Overall result from our involvement

The contractor’s environmental performance was improved along with Council’s environmental trackrecord

Services provided

  • Advice regarding approvals, permits and licences for the proposed water infrastructure upgrades
  • Peer review of approval documentation
  • Review and management of contractor compliance with legislative and contractual obligations
  • Development of the environmental incident response plan and on-going review of environmental incidents
  • On-site environmental inspections and audits


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Parkes NSW, Australia

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